Bobby Cobb ~ Executive Director

Alaska Alternative Healers Association

Shifting the Paradigm from Illness to Wellness

Ask most people about healthcare and the image that pops to mind is going to the doctor when they are sick.  While we understand the need and place for “western medicine” and it roll in assisting once someone’s innate health and well being is out of alignment, as consciousness rises we naturally become aware of the role of unity and alignment of body, mind, and spirit in accessing, maintaining and coming into harmony with the innate wellness that is part of the original flawless design, installed at the factory by the manufacturer.

While western medicine’s profit model often seems more geared toward managing symptoms, many alternative healing modaliities are tapping into the innate wellness that is at the center of a fully aligned body, mind and spirit at union with source.  The placebo effect has long been something that western medicine tests against in their studies, more and more complimentary medicines

What if we fully aligned body/mind/spirit into our healing process?  

These questions and others will drive the paradigm shift from health to wellness.  

Would you like to be part of that Journey?  A voice of reason guiding clients, prospects, patients, the public in general from the darkness into the light.  

Would you:

  • Love to be part of a larger cohesive community?
  • Be part of a recognized platform?
  • Have new vehicles to help get your message out?
  • Have the opportunity to give/receive referrals?
  • Be more in control of creating the life you desire?
  • Access a new source of leads to fill your practice?
  • Have a clearer direction and the energy and motivation to see it through?
  • Feel less stuck?

Be part of a community that is going to make a difference in our larger community!

Intro and Overview of AAHA

This video gives you a brief description of the Association.

Why we are doing what we are doing...

What are the big visions.

We even visit everyone's favorite radio station


Each of our Founding 100 members will receive a complimentary ungraded listing in the Practitioner’s Directory at no charge with with the Association’s gratitude.  

The upgraded listing in other associations has shown to build a unique rapport, trust, and level of comfort with the prospective client.  

Additionally you will receive an unlisted link from the Associaton’s youtube channel to alloow you to embed the video into your own website of social media page.

Here is a sample of the video with Delinda Witman LMT.  Delinda practices out of the Centre on C in Anchorage

Be Part of the Founding 100

Distinction as be one of the earliest involved in the Association

  • Reduced pricing for life
  • Premium listing
  • Special recognition as a Founding Member
  • Early Opportunity to publish on the platform
  • First in Line as a guest on AAHA podcast
  • Increased Referral fee for any Healers you recruit 
  • Comemorative Certificate suitable for framing
  • 2 professionally edited testimonial videos from you clients
  • Complimentary website review

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