Transform at the Speed of Thought

Living In Harmony with the Way the Mind Actually Work

We live in a perceived reality, stand on any beach and look out over the ocean or the sea and the world looks flat.  It is not hard to see why Spaniards thought they would never see Columbus again.  The sun appears to rise and set each day, yet we know relative to sun the sun is stable, it the Earth that is moving.  If doesn’t feel like it is moving yet we are hurdling through space in excess of 64 thousand miles per hour.  

This perceived reality combined with the Hypnosis of Social Conditioning creates an illusion that we life happens to us, rather than flows through use.  Through is continuing work, typically delivered via weekly coaching calls, we come to understand that we are the Architects of Our Constructed Experience, we grow the understand the nature of thought and feelings as signals from Awareness as to our quality of mind, we are able to develop a heightened state of sensory acuity and make micro-adjustments to maintain a peak performance state of mind, clear of mental static, silencing our internal Itty Bitty Shitty Committee and follow the wisdom that guides us like an internal GPS.

Seek Liberation

This video is a overview of a short program called Seek Liberation, it used a combination of Guided Visualization, yoga, meditation to align body, mind and spirit. This course was the precursor to the SAMTEC (Source Awareness Consciousness} group programs not offered.

This video was recorded March of 2019

Seek Liberation Introduction Group Presentation

Work with Us

We offer short packages {each custom designed based on need), we offer on-going coaching relationships, we offer in-depth immersions, and Tranceformative Breakthrough Intensives.

The first thing you can expect is a complimentary exploratory session.  Because the nature of the work that we do is 100% completely customized to the unique needs, situation and desired outcomes of the individual, it is difficult to describe the nature of one individual client’s journey, and virtually no two client’s journeys are alike.  For is described in the next bullet below.

We begin with an exploratory session.  These are designed to give you the experience of an actual session.  The purpose of this session is to help give you clarity around the changes you would like to make starting with where you are currently and we you would like to go.  Assuming, we believe we are a good fit for the outcomes you desire, we will give you are couple of options of ways we can work together.  

All relationships begin with an initial exploratory session as described above you can use this link to access our public calendar and book a time convenient for you.  There is no charge for the exploratory session.

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