Achieving Transcendence

Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

The quote above, a shortened version of a famous quote from a Mystical Catholic priest is well known in spiritual and metaphysical communities.  Usually treated like a pithy bumper sticker that we intellectually “get”,

For a moment, briefly consider the implications of living from that understanding. 

Consider what you actually know to be true.  The one thing you can and do know, is we are aware.  Science is beginning to understand and explain what yogis and enlightened masters have been telling us for years. 

Transcendence is something that is impossible to understand intellectually, conversations about it quickly prove ineffectual and sometimes frustrating.  Similar to tasing chocolate or experiencing an orgasm it is something that is indescribable pre experience, and without need for description once experienced.  

The video and FAQs below are an effort to describe the indescribable.


In this work we use a very advanced type of conversational hypnosis to clear limiting beliefs, unconscious mental blocks and other psychological obstacles that are preventing the free flow of wisdom, resilience, creativity, insight and intuition which are natural and readily available resources when the mind is in a state of clarity.


In this phase, you are introduced to a paradigm shift of the human experience into the understanding that life flows through us, rather than happens to us. We live in a perceived reality, and that perception changes frequently throughout the day with the ebb and flow of our quality of mind. Through this understanding we become Architects of our Constructed Experience


In this phase, we move beyond the limitations of the illusions of the egoic self, and complete the transformative journey to our Authentic Self. We explore a second paradigm shift into the understanding that we are energetic spiritual beings having and human experience. While this phase essentially has no applications {it is not a set of techniques} it has enormous implications. Primarily, allowing you to relax into your True Identity

Work with Us

We offer short packages {each custom designed based on need), we offer on-going coaching relationships, we offer in-depth immersions, and Tranceformative Breakthrough Intensives.

The first thing you can expect is a complimentary exploratory session.  Because the nature of the work that we do is 100% completely customized to the unique needs, situation and desired outcomes of the individual, it is difficult to describe the nature of one individual client’s journey, and virtually no two client’s journeys are alike.  For is described in the next bullet below.

We begin with an exploratory session.  These are designed to give you the experience of an actual session.  The purpose of this session is to help give you clarity around the changes you would like to make starting with where you are currently and we you would like to go.  Assuming, we believe we are a good fit for the outcomes you desire, we will give you are couple of options of ways we can work together.  

All relationships begin with an initial exploratory session as described above you can use this link to access our public calendar and book a time convenient for you.  There is no charge for the exploratory session.

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