Achieving Transcendence

Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

The quote above, a shortened version of a famous quote from a Mystical Catholic priest is well known in spiritual and metaphysical communities.  Usually treated like a pithy bumper sticker that we intellectually “get”,

For a moment, briefly consider the implications of living from that understanding. 

Consider what you actually know to be true.  The one thing you can and do know, is we are aware.  Science is beginning to understand and explain what yogis and enlightened masters have been telling us for years. 

Transcendence is something that is impossible to understand intellectually, conversations about it quickly prove ineffectual and sometimes frustrating.  Similar to tasing chocolate or experiencing an orgasm it is something that is indescribable pre experience, and without need for description once experienced.  

The video and FAQs below are an effort to describe the indescribable.

Paradigm Shift 3 -- Transcendence

Transcendence is the final stage of the tranceformative process. This phase of the process is sometimes called, even confused with Awakening or Enlightenment, or Communion with the Divine. This series of unique protocols are designed to take the client/student on an experiential journey beyond words to an embodied understanding that “THIS” as it is, is the Divine Unfolding of the human ex[perience. 

Through this process, the client comes to see the world as a temporary transient experience and comes to understand Our True Nature.  The Spiritual Being {Soul as many prefer that was never born and will never die.  

This is by far the most powerful paradigm shift of the 3.  Success in this protocol is simple however, that should not be confused with easy, as this process involves unwinding the hypnosis of social conditioning that began shortly after you utte4red your first words and could understand your native tongue.  

The most common question we receive regarding this shift is “how long will it take”.  This is actually impossible to answer as the answer is 100% dependent on you.  If you can show up, play full out, and follow just a few simple instructions designed to help you interrupt the subconscious programs that are running your life and create the space for new insights, intuition, and A-Ha moments, and reach out when/if you have questions most make the shift within 3 months.  

{Current results:  As of Halloween 2021, 133 people have successfully completed the program (some of them are on the testimonial wheel below).  12 people have begun the program but decided it wasn’t for them and quit the process in progress.  3 are currently actively participating in the program.  Statistically, their is a bell curve of results the mean time to completion is 10 weeks.  The fastest is 3 sessions.  The longest is 16 months.  The 16 month client was so impressed with the process she donated the seed money for the Mindful Life Foundation which will be the new name for the Tranceformative Change Institute once the charitable status is obtained from the IRS}.

She offered a lovely quote but prefers to remain anonymous, “You {Bobby} have turned me from a Seeker into a Finder”.  While the slight sliver of my ego still remaining appreciated the credit, I was quick to reminder her, she did all the work, and made the shifts herself, I was merely a guide and along for the ride.

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