Living Life from the Inside ~ Out

We are conditioned to believe our feelings are telling us about our circumstances.  Ask a friend that is unusually happy. or sad “What’s Up?” and you are virtually guaranteed to have them point to something external as the “cause”.  

Yet as the video will show you, that is an illusion.  While this realization is common among certain spiritual communities, science, specifically psychology is still playing catch up.

While the understanding that our feelings and emotions are guidance and pointers has no apparent appications.  It is similar to the revelation the earth orbits the sun not the other way around, it has profound implications {now we can have an calendar that doesn’t need to be adusted 2 weeks each year}.

Several, who have passed through this phase of the process suggest a profound understanding when The Christ said, “of the world but not in the world”.  While there are no relative world appliactions of this understanding, the implications of this understanding is completely life changing.  


Paradigm Shift 2 -- Life Flows

As the Tranceformative journey is considered, it is often useful to consider a path.  This process is none as the Direct Path and it is foundationed on the idea there is no where to go, no thing to become, nothing lacking.  We are not broken and don’t need to be fixed.  

And…this is the point where The Hypnosis of Social Conditioning comes into play.  We have been conditioned into the progressive path.  So, because it will fit easier into your conditioned understanding, here is “the path”:

  1.  The Victim – Sees life happening to them.  Lost in the illusion of rational mind attempting to make since of it all. Sees their circumstances of as an effect of an underlying cause.  MANTRA:  Life happens to me.
  2. The Creator – Notices there is a reaction to action.  Shifts to believe they are at the cause and producing the effect.  Feels that if something isn’t they way they would like it to be in the world, it is due solely to a skill not yet mastered, a nugget of wisdom not yet divined, or in some cases the wrong vibrational frequency not properly emitted.  These lost souls are the primary consumers of self-help pablum and make up the majority of the the “spiritual seekers”.  MANTRA: If is is to be it is up to me.  
  3. The Artist – When we use the terms, “In Flow”, “In the Zone”, or “Unconscious”.   We are talking about a specific mental and emotional state of ease and effortlessness.  One of characteristics is time stands still.  In this state you are following your hearts desire in the moment. MANTRA: Life Flows Through me.

So you can see it right?  It is a progressive path {at least it looks like one} and it is leading to the next step.  Which as you might have guest already having been conditioned into the understand starting your first words.  “Got to walk before you can run”, “you have to earn your stripes”, “suck it up”, “power through”, and the ever popular “fake it until you make it”.  

Here is the conundrum, the paradox you might struggle with until one day you don’t…the progressive path has no ending.  As we embody the human experience, we assume the role of “goal seeking organisms.  As we climb one vista, get a new job or relationship, achieve a valued goal…standing at the apex of that achievement, we can see other vistas.  How long til the new dream house needs some updating?  Will it be more of a dream home with a pool, or new drapes, or finishing out the basement?  How long before the new car isn’t a font of bliss anymore?  First ding in the parking lot?  New car smell wears off,? your dream model is getting a complete makeover for the new year?  We know the happiness that comes of the achievement of goals or the acquistion of objects is temporary.  


So what are we missing?  What are we seeking how do we find it?  Well those questions are answered in Step 3 of the process!  Click Here to Learn more

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